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Rain Water Harvesting

Parnami Pumps has vast experience in particular domain, we are engaged in offering superior quality Rain Water Harvesting Systems. With the help of rain water harvesting system, bore well water treatment, recycling of treated sewage/waste water for non potable systems, swimming pools filtration process & recycling can be done. Commonly used systems are constructed of three principal components; namely, the catchment surface area, the collection system, and the conveyance puprpose.

Rain water harvesting types:

    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Drinking Supplies
    • Rainwater Collection Systems for Irrigation supplies
    • Rainwater Catchment Systems for Industrial Supplies

Rainwater Harvesting Basic Components

Rainwater systems come in many shapes and sizes, With a simple catchment surface area under a downspout to large above and/or underground systerns with complex filtration systems that can store thousands of gallons water. Mostly rainwater harvesting systems are comprised of the following basic components:

  • Catchment surface.
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Storage tanks
  • Delivery systems
  • Purification/treatment system


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